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International Transport Logistics and Planning

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They provide evidence that people can be encouraged to leave their car at home and travel by other means, that innovative policies can and do work. The aim of these case studies is to encourage and inspire others to tackle transport problems.

This section provides examples of good transport practice taking place around the UK and elsewhere. The stories here show the many ways in which companies, local authorities, schools, tourist attractions and others are addressing the need to reduce car use.

Traffic surveys
If you are campaigning for lower speed limits, traffic calming or lorry restrictions you will find it useful to know:

  • How fast cars and lorries are travelling.
  • How much traffic there is (including people cycling and walking).
  • Where vehicles are travelling to and from, and the number of passengers.

Even if your local authority has already carried out its own traffic survey, you should check how thorough the survey was. For example, surveying during the school holidays will measure lower levels of traffic than during term time. Measuring the speed of cars at a bend will not show how fast vehicles are travelling on a straight section of the same road.