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Sustainable transport

This website has three main aims: Firstly to provide practical information to the public, to businesses and to Local Authorities to enable improved decision-making about transport use in order that we might reduce our negative impact on the environment, society and the economy. Primarily through the reduction of car use and society’s dependence on it.

If you ask yourself these questions in order and answer honestly, you can hopefully start to make your journey more sustainable. Have a look at the Environmental, Social and Economic Zones above to find out more about the impact of your journey.

Secondly, we are in the process of developing a 'Travel organiser' to be incorporated into the site that will indicate the sustainability of a mode of transport or a specific journey. To our knowledge this will be the first time that all three pillars of Sustainable Development (ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL, ECONOMIC) have been considered when evaluating the impacts of transport. Usually they are considered in isolation.

How to improve your sustainability

Finally, this website aims to stimulate debate and an exchange of ideas to help improve the sustainability of travel. We encourage you to enter in to that debate by contacting us with your views. Whether you’re going on holiday or moving abroad, there are loads of ways you can cut down your carbon footprint. Go by sea, for example, rather than by air.

However, we are realistic and know that change will not happen overnight and are also mindful that not everyone has access to other forms of transport. This site will help you to make more informed decisions, allow you to plan your journeys more efficiently and in the future, assess the sustainability of your journey.

For more information on the concept behind this site and to find out more about the partners, click on 'About Us'.